Our Core Values



Kombucha Town products and our facility are designed with environmental stewardship in mind. Sustainability is one of our core values and is taken into consideration on a daily basis and in every decision we make.

We are the only kombucha brewery to package our products in 16oz aluminum cans. These cans are recyclable, lightweight, and space efficient for packing and distribution. They are also a safer option than glass, which easily breaks and can become a hazard. The cans are manufactured in the U.S., which keeps our dollars in the local economy. We believe cans are the best single serving package option on the market.

Our facility is designed for simplicity and efficiency. Our power is 100% offset by renewable energy through Puget Sound Energy, and the brewing system is fired by clean burning natural gas. The only waste from our production process is spent organic tea, which makes great compost! All our employees are paid fair wages and are given opportunities to learn and practice valuable skills. We do everything we can to inspire them to excel and grow within the company.

We do all this while producing the healthiest, best-tasting kombucha around!

Click on the link below to read our first annual sustainability report featuring sustainable practices for our team, community, and environment!