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Our Products

Brewed with a variety of fair-trade and organic teas and organic sugar, our non-alcoholic kombucha blends are slightly caffeinated, offering a mood-lifting, energizing sensation without the negative effects of a caffeine crash.

16 Oz. Cans (Non-Alcoholic)


Kombucha Town Original Ginger kombucha is brewed with organic Ceylon black tea, then blended with our own house-made ginger ale for an additional digestive boost. It's our most popular flavor of kombucha.

Kombucha Town Green Jasmine kombucha is brewed with organic green tea infused with jasmine petals. It’s a light, crisp kombucha that offers a low caffeine content.

Kombucha Town Guayusa Mint kombucha is brewed with organic mint tea and guayusa, a high-caffeine tea that makes this the perfect all-natural energy drink.

Kombucha Town Blueberry kombucha is brewed with organic white tea, then infused with pure blueberry juice for an extra dose of antioxidants and Vitamin C in every can.

Kombucha Town Lavender kombucha is brewed with guayusa tea infused with lavender and sage, combining the focused energy of guayusa tea with the herbal, aromatic taste of lavender. 

Kombucha Town Cascadian Hop kombucha is brewed with organic Ceylon black tea and Citra and Cascade hops. It’s a dry-hopped kombucha that finishes with a zesty citrus flavor.

Kombucha On Tap

Now offering all Kombucha Town flavors on tap!

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