Our Products

Our Products

Brewed with a variety of fair-trade and organic teas and sugar, our non-alcoholic kombucha blends are slightly caffeinated, offering a mood-lifting, energizing sensation without the negative effects of a caffeine crash.

16 Oz. Cans (Non-Alcoholic)


Kombucha Town Original Ginger is a robust and citrusy blend of Ceylon black tea, fresh-pressed ginger, and lemon that will provide you with sustained energy throughout your day. Ingredients: water, kombucha culture*, Ceylon black tea*, cane sugar*, ginger*, lemon juice*, cloves* *Organic & Non-GMO

Kombucha Town Green Jasmine contains the ancient Green Jasmine tea grown at high elevations to heighten your imagination and get your creative juices flowing. It’s a light, crisp kombucha that offers a low caffeine content. Ingredients: water, kombucha culture*, green jasmine tea*, cane sugar* *Organic & Non-GMO

Kombucha Town Guayusa Mint awakens the warrior within and gives you the power to face whatever the day throws at you. Ingredients: water, kombucha culture*, guyausa mint tea*, ceylon black tea*, cane sugar* *Organic & Non-GMO

Kombucha Town Blueberry White is a low-caffeinated brew that is calming and cleansing for your body and mind. Ingredients: water, kombucha culture*, white tea*, cane sugar*, blueberry juice* *Organic & Non-GMO

Kombucha Town Lavender has cognitive enhancing sage, calming lavender, and caffeinated guayusa that gives you the alignment and focus to get going. Ingredients: water, kombucha culture*, lavender guayusa tea*, ceylon black tea*, cane sugar * *Organic & Non-GMO

Kombucha Town Cascadian Hop is a pacific northwest exclusive. The juicy Cascadian Hop will transport your mind to the harmonious ecosystem that we call home. Ingredients: water, kombucha culture*, Ceylon black tea*, cane sugar, cascade hops*, citra hops*, coriander*, orange peel* *Organic & Non-GMO

Kombucha On Tap

Now offering all Kombucha Town flavors on tap! For keg inquiries, please fill out this keg rental agreement and deposit form, and email it to orders@kombuchatown.com. Keep in mind that depending on the season, we may require two weeks to prepare your keg.

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