Kombucha Town At The Vegan Beer Fest (Portland)

Live Healthy, Live Happy

The team at Kombucha Town recently went down to the Vegan Beer Fest in Portland and we had an awesome time at this event! The Vegan Beer Fest features the best of the region's craft beer, wine, ciders, KOMBUCHA, cold brew and craft sodas on draft. 

Throughout the day we met thousands of people and poured thousands of sample size cups of our tasty and refreshing kombucha products. We recently launched our newest flavor, Cascadian Hop, and it was a huge hit at the Vegan Beer Fest and everyone loved it! This is our dry-hopped kombucha made with Citra and Cascade hops, and everyone commented on how smooth and unique the flavor is.

A big thanks goes out to Kombucha Hunter for organizing and planning the Kombucha tent. There were around 15 different Kombucha companies there giving out samples of their products and we had a great time hanging out with everybody and sharing all of our flavors! 

We will be back at the Vegan Beer Fest in Portland next year and we can't wait! This is an awesome event and Portland is a beautiful city. Please check out the videos and photos from the event and support Kombucha Town! Cheers.



Kombucha Town prepares to launch its newest flavor: "Cascadian Hop"


The brew team at Kombucha Town has been very busy recently preparing to launch our newest flavor, Cascadian Hop. This will be our sixth flavor of non-alcoholic kombucha in a 16 oz. can, and we are very excited to release this flavor and start distributing it to our retailers. This past weekend at April Brews Day our Cascadian Hop flavor was a huge hit, and people were lining up ALL NIGHT to taste it and see what our new flavor of kombucha was all about! We had an awesome time at the event, and we thank everyone who stopped by the Kombucha Town booth and said what's up and tried some of our products. Keep reading to learn more about our Cascadian Hop flavor with an interview from our Head Brewer at Kombucha Town.

Interview with our Head Brewer: Blaize Huntley

What is the new flavor?

"Our new flavor is a dry hopped black tea kombucha made with Citra and Cascade Hops. It also has orange zest and coriander (cilantro) added in order to give our Cascadian Hop kombucha its unique and distinct flavor. The hops are simply aromatic, and the orange zest and coriander really help compliment the hops with a similar flavor that matches the smell."

How long does it take to brew the new flavor from start to finish?

"It takes about three weeks to make our new flavor of kombucha. One to one and a half weeks for the fermentation to take place, and one to one and a half weeks for the dry hopping to take place."

(Don't know what dry hopping is? Click here to find out!)

Why did you choose these specific hops?

"I chose these specific hops because I noticed regionally a lot of people were using these hops but not for dry hopping. I really like how the sweet, citrus taste from the Citra Hops mixes with the mellow earthiness from the Cascade Hops. We played around with a lot of different hop combinations before settling on Citra and Cascade."

What other hop combinations did you try before settling on these specific two?

"Hmm.... We tried Amarillo, Simcoe, and Chinook hops before settling on Citra and Cascade."

When can we expect to see this new flavor canned and in stores?

"We are hoping to have our Cascadian Hop kombucha in stores by early summer around June or July if all goes as planned from here."

When is the design for the can going to be released?

"We are planning on releasing the artwork for the can one week before it is canned and in stores. We really like the color combinations on the can for our Cascadian Hop flavor, and we can't wait to release it and see what everyone thinks!"