Our First Yoga Class In The Culture Cafe at Kombucha Town

On May 11th at 10:00 AM we had our first yoga class in the Culture Cafe at Kombucha Town and it was a huge success! The turn out was great and the entire space of the Culture Cafe was FILLED with people. Throughout the entire Vinyasa Yoga experience relaxing music was playing and this really created a unique and fun atmosphere in the space provided. This class was open to all levels of experience and it explored gentle warm-up stretching, sun salutations, simple balancing postures, and some cool down stretches to start the day off right with a little bit of self care! We had a great time letting everyone sample some of our Kombucha products at the end of the class, and it was great seeing all of your faces in the Culture Cafe.

A big thanks goes out to Adrienne (Bellingham Yoga Instructor and Fit Body Wellness coach) for teaching the class, and she is a very experienced local Yoga Instructor and she did an excellent job guiding the group through the entire experience. Another big thanks goes out to Summer Huntington (founder of Fit Body Wellnessfor communicating with us and helping make this event officially happen!

We were so stoked on the amount of people that showed up for our first Yoga Class in the Culture Cafe that it only makes sense to start doing more of these classes in the near future. After talking to Adrienne we have decided that we want to start doing a weekly Yoga Class in the Culture Cafe on Tuesdays from 10:00 - 11:00 AM. The intentions of these classes are to get the community together, practice yoga (of course!), and promote and support local businesses and their staff. All of these classes will be FREE, but we will have a donation box and we encourage everyone to chip in a little bit to help out your local Yoga Instructors and please bring your own yoga mats! These weekly classes won't officially begin until Tuesday 5.24, and this will allow us enough time to promote the classes and spread the word around town. We also want to mention that the FIRST Tuesday of each month will be Clubbell Yoga Class (Clubbells provided by Fit Body Wellness). This will be an opportunity to spread the practice of Clubbell Yoga which stresses the importance of alignment, intentional sequencing, and encouraging a meditative state in vinyasa flow.

This Yoga Class was a sneak peak for whats in store for the upcoming event in Bellingham on June 1st: Urban Flow Fest. This is going to be an awesome event that you won't want to miss, and we are so excited to be involved by serving our Kombucha Town products at the event. Urban Flow Fest is going to be a crazy night full of live music, dancing, yoga, a Kombucha lounge, and more! The mission of Urban Flow Fest is to ELEVATE your energy with powerful EDM music, create a space to CONNECT with those around you in a meaningful way, and allow FLOW to happen. Come on into the Culture Cafe to pick up your tickets for Urban Flow Fest, or you can purchase them online here.