Announcing Kombucha Town’s First Annual Sustainability Report!


We are very excited to release our first ever annual Sustainability Report! After reading this post, you can head over to the "Sustainability" page on our website and find this report by clicking here. This 2017 Report will relay our proud sustainable practices, many of which we have been implementing from day one of our six years in business. One of these practices has been to offset 100% of our electricity with renewable energy. As we aspire to B-corp certification by 2019, we have been implementing new sustainable  practice to reach that goal, such as providing employee job performance feedback with the 360 Degree Feedback Model. As we continue to grow our production and our team, it has become more important than ever to begin benchmarking our sustainable practices so that we see long term success. This sustainability report is a tremendous step in that direction.

We would like to give Mark Peterson, Sustainable Business Development Program Manager for Sustainable Connections, a tremendous thank you for working alongside our Founder & CEO, Chris McCoy and Sustainability Coordinator, Julie Fish, throughout the last few months to help bring our first Sustainability Report to fruition. We are grateful for the push in the right direction and the gained insights from Mark’s advisement.

You can find Chris McCoy on the Smart Business Summit panel on January 25th discussing Kombucha Town’s history and sustainable journey. For more information on the event check out,