Sustainable business practices: Chickens love Kombucha Town SCOBY, too!

In an effort to minimize our waste in the brewery and support local businesses, Kombucha Town recently formed a partnership with Wild Acres Farm to donate our leftover and unused SCOBY to give to their poultry and livestock.

Why give SCOBY to animals? Giving your chickens live, beneficial bacteria can stimulate their immune system and reduce salmonella, according to Canadian researchers. You can also make dog treats and even human treats from leftover SCOBY!

Located just outside Bellingham, Wild Acres Farm raises organic & Non-GMO eggs, chicken, turkey, and pork. The owner, Brian, has been feeding the beneficial bacteria to his livestock for months, and he said they absolutely love the stuff.

In August, we took a trip to Wild Acres to drop off two barrels of SCOBY, and it was amazing to see the pigs, chickens, and turkeys all feeding on the SCOBY. Some of the more aggressive livestock were even fighting over the biggest pieces of the SCOBY, and Brian said he may have to address that problem in the future so every animal gets their fair share of beneficial bacteria in their diet!

We look forward to continuing this sustainable business relationship with Wild Acres Farm, and we want to find more ways to create unique opportunities like this in our community. Do you have any fun ideas for ways Kombucha Town can push the sustainability envelope? If you do, email us! Who knows, maybe your idea will become our next blog post.

For those of you asking "What in the heck is SCOBY?" — here's the scoop. SCOBY in an acronym that stands for Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast. It's the healthy stuff you need to brew kombucha. Without a SCOBY Kombucha Town would not exist — our SCOBY is essential to create our delicious & refreshing products that are good for your gut and good for your health. The bacteria and yeast that exists in the SCOBY work together in harmony during the fermentation process by converting the sugar and  caffeine from the tea into our final Kombucha Town beverages. 

"Wild Acres is a family farm dedicated to producing top quality, organic, non-GMO, pasture-raised meat and eggs for Whatcom County and surrounding regions. At Wild Acres Farm, we are committed to raising happy healthy animals, because we believe you are what you eat."

- Brian Rusk (Owner of Wild Acres)