Kombucha Town's New Cans Feature an Easy-to-Read Caffeine Meter

Here at Kombucha Town, we constantly get asked “How much caffeine is in your kombucha?

The answer is more complex than you might think. Each Kombucha Town flavor contains a different level of caffeine, depending on the type of organic tea it is brewed with. The level of caffeine in kombucha mirrors the level of caffeine in tea: kombucha made with black tea has more caffeine, while kombucha made with green or white tea has less caffeine.

We took your questions to heart, and we are extremely excited to announce that our NEW cans feature a CAFFEINE METER clearly printed on the back — so you'll always able to see how much caffeine you are consuming with each 16 oz. can of Kombucha Town.

Kombucha Town products ranked by estimated caffeine content:

Blueberry White: Low, >10mg of caffeine per serving, made with white tea
Green Jasmine:
Low, >10mg of caffeine per serving, made with green tea
Cascadian Hops: Medium, ~20mg of caffeine per serving, made with black tea
Original Ginger: Medium, ~20mg of caffeine per serving, made with black tea
Lavender: High, ~60mg of caffeine per serving, made with guayusa tea
Guayusa Mint: High, ~60mg of caffeine per serving, 
made with guayusa tea

A caffeine meter is something we haven't seen widely embraced in the kombucha industry, but we hope other companies will follow our lead and put these details on their packaging, too. We believe it is extremely important to educate consumers on exactly what they are drinking, and it is our responsibility to provide information on our products and their specific ingredients.

Tell us what you think of the new caffeine meter in the comments below!