Kendra Castillo In The Culture Café At Kombucha Town

Kendra Castillo is an Acrylic and Watercolor artist based in Bellingham, WA. Her art is filled with organic shapes, textures, and colors inspired by her time growing up in the Pacific Northwest. After years spend away from the PNW she has returned back to her roots. Her hope is that you are inspired by her new series of paintings. That you take a moment to let the colors and movement found within each painting bring you a sense of calmness and rejuvenation.

Kendra Castillo will have her art displayed and for sale in our Culture Café at Kombucha Town for the Downtown Bellingham Art Walk on October 7th (6pm-10pm). Her art will remain on the walls in the Culture Café until the Downtown Bellingham Art Walk in November! Stop by for some healthy food and refreshing kombucha cocktails while you check out her work!