Kombucha Town launches sponsorship program for Pacific Northwest athletes

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In the Pacific Northwest, there are unlimited ways to explore the outdoors, whether climbing, mountain biking, skiing or more. At Kombucha Town, we care about promoting healthy, active lifestyles and we truly believe that our kombucha can help people pursue their passions. What's best, our kombucha is uniquely packaged in recycle-friendly aluminum go ahead and throw one in your daypack or dry bag to take with you on your next outdoor adventure!

Meet kiteboarder Colleen Carroll, yogi Summer Huntington, climber Beau Carrillo, kayaker Alicia Lycan and skiier Kevin Curran -- our sponsored athletes who embody the Kombucha Town mission to "live healthy, live happy" through plenty of exercise, connection to the outdoors, positive attitudes, compassionate relationships with friends & family, and healthy lifestyle choices. 

Stay tuned to the blog for updates from our athletes, upcoming events & more. And while you're here, be sure to check out skiier Kevin Curran's 2015 season edit.

Visit our Sponsored Athletes page at