Why We Can Our Kombucha

By Julie Fish, Sustainability Coordinator


One of the major reasons we chose to package our kombucha with aluminum cans is because cans have the highest consumer recycling rate. In addition, aluminum can production is a closed loop system, meaning they are are infinitely recyclable so cans are recycled back into cans rather than down-cycled into a product that is of lesser value, which is the case when glass and plastic are recycled. In fact, aluminum cans are produced with three times the amount of recycled material than that of glass or plastic products. Due to aluminum’s light weight, more cans can be transported per freight load than plastic or glass, which allows for increased efficiency for our supply chain and the environment. Because aluminum cans are an American innovation, the revenue generated from the industry stays in the country, making cans the most economically viable packaging option.


Producing the highest quality kombucha is at the core of why we are in business. Our cans have a BPA-free lining, which means the kombucha never comes into contact with metal, therefore the healthy bacteria and acids do not diminish or erode. Cans cannot be infiltrated by light, which allows us to control the fermentation of our kombucha after it is packaged. Our kombucha contains high quantities of the active bacteria, Lactobacillus, and because cans cannot be infiltrated by light, we can control the fermentation and ABV of our kombucha better with the can packaging.

Active Lifestyles

We believe kombucha is the perfect pairing for all adventures. Cans are the best option because they are easy to pack and pack out when finished, plus they will never break like glass which can cause harm to yourself or the environment.

                                                                         Courtesy of Gary Bird Photography

                                                                         Courtesy of Gary Bird Photography