Art in the Cafe

Art In The Culture Cafe

Did you know that Bellingham is ranked the second best arts community in the ENTIRE country? This ranking system is based on the number of active art businesses per capita, and it is awesome to live in a community that is so heavily invested in supporting local artists! Here at the Culture Café we enjoy displaying unique and eye-catching art for everyone to see, and the art in our Café really gives the space its one-of-a-kind character and identity. We have really enjoyed working with the artists that have done original pieces for the Culture Café, and we look forward to hosting more Downtown Bellingham Art Walks in the future and sharing our love and appreciation for local art. Scroll down to see some photos of the beautiful art in the Culture Café and learn more about the artists that created these original pieces. Everything from our polished wooden tables to the paintings on our ceilings and walls we consider art, and everyone who works here looks forward to being surrounded by these original pieces every single day.

If you would like to see your art in the Culture Cafe or any other art inquires, please contact