Kombucha Town Distribution

If you are interested in purchasing Kombucha Town products for your retail location(s) please contact our listed distributors or email us directly at sales@kombuchatown.com.

Kombucha Town Distribution:

(Click on the links below in order to visit the corresponding distributors website.)

Northwest Distribution: UNFI, Charlie's Produce, Walton Beverage, Molly's, R&K Foods Inc.

California Distribution: Charlie's Produce, R&K Foods Inc.

Detailed Contact Information For Distributors:


1. UNFI: 

Contact UNFI (via email): Click Here

Website: Click Here


2. Charlie's Produce

Contact Charlie's Produce: info@charliesproduce.com

Website: Click Here


3. Walton Beverage

Contact Walton Beverage: info@waltonbeverage.com

Website: Click Here

Phone: (360) 380-1660


4. Molly's

Contact Molly's (via email): Click Here

Website: Click Here

Phone: (206) 512-3075


5. R&K Foods Inc.

Contact R&K Foods Inc: customerservice@rnkfoods.com

Website: Click Here