How To Do A Backflip On Skis (Kombucha Town Athlete)

"Live Healthy, Live Happy"

Here at Kombucha Town we are all about supporting active and healthy lifestyles with both our brand, sponsored athletes, and our products. All of our flavors of kombucha come in recycle-friendly 16 oz. aluminum cans, and this makes it a lot easier to take our products with you on all of your outdoor adventures! Whether you are out climbing, skiing, relaxing at the lake, camping on the river, or hiking in the woods there is always a time to relax and enjoy some of our refreshing and healthy kombucha products.

At Kombucha Town we have a sponsored athletes program and the professional skier that we sponsor, Kevin Curran aka "Campa Kev," recently sent over this video teaching beginners everything they need to know to do a backflip on skis. Check out this awesome video and we encourage you to watch all of Kevin's other skiing videos on his youtube account too!

Campa Kev's Advice on How To Do A Backflip

1. Before you attempt your first backflip on ski's make sure you are comfortable doing a backflip on a trampoline, or off of a diving board into a pool!

2. Build a jump that is really "lippy" or steep so it will naturally send you into the rotation of the backflip!

3. Don't overthink it! Make sure you are committed to the backflip and confident throughout the entire thing. 





Kombucha Town At The Vegan Beer Fest (Portland)

Live Healthy, Live Happy

The team at Kombucha Town recently went down to the Vegan Beer Fest in Portland and we had an awesome time at this event! The Vegan Beer Fest features the best of the region's craft beer, wine, ciders, KOMBUCHA, cold brew and craft sodas on draft. 

Throughout the day we met thousands of people and poured thousands of sample size cups of our tasty and refreshing kombucha products. We recently launched our newest flavor, Cascadian Hop, and it was a huge hit at the Vegan Beer Fest and everyone loved it! This is our dry-hopped kombucha made with Citra and Cascade hops, and everyone commented on how smooth and unique the flavor is.

A big thanks goes out to Kombucha Hunter for organizing and planning the Kombucha tent. There were around 15 different Kombucha companies there giving out samples of their products and we had a great time hanging out with everybody and sharing all of our flavors! 

We will be back at the Vegan Beer Fest in Portland next year and we can't wait! This is an awesome event and Portland is a beautiful city. Please check out the videos and photos from the event and support Kombucha Town! Cheers.