Kombucha Town at the 2015 Bellingham Farmers Market

Don't forget that the opening day of the Bellingham Farmers Market 2015 season is on Saturday, April 4, from 10am-3pm! 


Kombucha Town is excited to be participating in the market for its third year. Somewhat new to our stand this year will be a steady supply of our kombucha in cans, which will be perfect to grab n' go while you are browsing for veggies or eating lunch.

We will have a booth set up for tastings and sales, so if you have friends or family members who have always been curious about that "weird mushroom tea" you absolutely love to drink, the market is the perfect opportunity to bring them by and let them sample our Gold Light (ginger), Blueberry White, Green Jasmine or Guayusa Mint kombucha flavors.

We will have cans and bottles of kombucha for sale: Signature and Gold raw kombucha will be available in 16oz ($3) and 32oz ($8) glass bottles, and Gold Light, Blueberry White, Green Jasmine and Guayusa Mint will be available in 16oz cans ($3).

The bottle prices listed above already include a $3 deposit for each bottle, so be sure to bring back your empties every week and get a discount!

The Bellingham Farmers Market 2015 season runs every Saturday from April to October in Depot Market Square, 1100 Railroad Ave., in downtown Bellingham across from Boundary Bay Brewery. See you at the market!

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Kombucha Town announces brewery expansion

Local kombucha brewery increases production capacity, distribution area to meet demand

Local kombucha brewery Kombucha Town announces the expansion of its brewery space to increase production capacity and distribution area in response to growing demand for its local kombucha.

The expansion features a 3,500-square-foot facility in the basement of the Herald Building. This includes a 500-gallon commercial brew kettle, several conditioning tanks and additional fermentation vessels. The new equipment is modeled after a traditional commercial microbrewery system that has been adapted for a fermented tea-based product.

The Kombucha Town brewery expansion features a 500-gallon commercial brew kettle, several conditioning tanks and additional fermentation vessels. Photos by Blaize Huntley.

The expansion will allow Kombucha Town to produce up to 10 times more kombucha at full capacity.

In addition to the brewery expansion, Kombucha Town continues to be the only craft beverage company canning its own product in Whatcom County, which it has been doing since June 2014.

Much of this expansion can be attributed to new distribution partnerships including R&K Wholesale Natural Foods (Seattle), Pearl Distributing (Oregon) and Walton Beverage (Whatcom County). Kombucha Town will continue to focus on supplying local businesses while growing into the Seattle area, with the potential to grow into a five state region. 

Also in 2015, Kombucha Town plans to transition to all organic ingredients to pursue organic, non-GMO and vegan certifications. 

Kombucha Town features two alcoholic kombuchas in bottles: Signature and Gold, and four non-alcoholic kombuchas in cans: Gold Light, Green Jasmine, Guayusa Loco and Blueberry White.

For more information, please email The tasting room at 1155 N. State St., Suite #603, is open 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday in downtown Bellingham.

Kombucha Town + Electric Beet Juice Co. = Love

Kombucha Town's Gold Light kombucha is a featured product on the menu in Bellingham's newest microjuicery, Electric Beet Juice Co., inside Terra Organica. The microjuicery is also featuring a special "Aphrodisiac" drink for the month of February, which includes local Fredonia grapes that were frozen last fall, cold-pressed ginger, apple and Kombucha Town Gold Light kombucha. 

"Kombucha + Juice = Love" is featured under "juices" on the menu (click here and here), where customers can mix any 14 oz. juice with Kombucha Town Gold Light for the same price. If you've never mixed kombucha with your juice or smoothie, let us tell you that it is DE-LIC-IOUS. (You can find more smoothie recipes on our Kombucha Town Pinterest page.)

Electric Beet Juice Co. offers a full menu of juices and smoothies in addition to breakfast, salads, sandwiches, desserts and more. It is part of Terra Organica organic & natural foods market, located at 1530 Cornwall Ave., Bellingham. Electric Beet's hours are 8am-6pm on Monday-Friday and 9am-4pm on Saturday. Terra Organica's hours are 7am-9pm on Monday-Friday and 8am-9pm on Saturday & Sunday.

Terra recently underwent major renovations to expand into the entire Public Market building and it looks great! You can also find Kombucha Town cans of Gold Light, Green Jasmine, Blueberry White and Guayusa (mint) Loco on the shelves inside the store. Check out some photos below, taken by Rory Edland Savatgy (