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The weather is starting to get a lot nicer in the Pacific Northwest and we are finally starting to see some warmer temperatures and sunnier days! Here at Kombucha Town we are all about supporting healthy and active lifestyles, and whether you like to bike, hike, backpack, kayak, walk the dog, or relax in the park we want you to share your adventures with us whatever they are! In order to do this every time you post a photo or video enjoying our products on your social media accounts (Facebook or Instagram) we want you to mention us @KombuchaTown and use #LiveHealthyLiveHappy and #KombuchaTown. 

Once a month we will be going through the #LiveHealthyLiveHappy and #KombuchaTown photos and picking out some of our favorite shots! We will reach out to you and make sure you get some free Kombucha Town products or merchandise for getting outside and living a healthy and active lifestyle while supporting our brand and what we stand for as a company. Cheers!

Ideas For Adventure Destinations In Bellingham

1. Whatcom Falls Park

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Whatcom Falls Park is a very popular summer hangout spot in Bellingham with numerous opportunities for hiking, biking, swimming, and more! This is a 241-acre park with four sets of waterfalls on Whatcom Creek, which leads from Lake Whatcom to Bellingham Bay. This is a great place in Bellingham to get active and enjoy some of our healthy Kombucha Town products!

"Beautiful place, we're so lucky to have this park in Bellingham!"

"The dog off leash area is great for walking my dog."

"The falls are beautiful and the ponds and fish hatchery are fun for the kids."

2. Oyster Dome

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The Oyster Dome is a classic Bellingham hike that takes you from sea-level to a beautiful, spacious lookout 2,075 feet above with views of the San Juan Islands, the Puget Sound, and the Olympic Mountains. This is a popular hike for locals and visitors, and the Oyster Dome is the perfect place to enjoy a cold Kombucha after a long vertical climb! This is one of the best views in Bellingham and if you haven't made it to the top of the Oyster Dome yet we seriously recommend checking it out!

"Favorite local hike and the view from the top is amazing!"

"It's about 6 miles round trip and 2000 feet of elevation gain - worth it!"



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